Chicks Dig Scars

Chicks Dig Scars: Twitter me this

Hey, the Pro Bowl is on this week. Chance of me watching? Slim to none. There are no Packers participating, but I can certainly handle the reason why! Hell yeah! Our boys are busy this week. Later, Hawaii! Now the fun starts. And maybe... read more »




Oh sure. This is supposed to be a “historical” match-up.  “Isn’t it COOL? The Packers and the Bears in the NFC Championship! WOW.” Yeah… Speak for yourself. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I love... read more »


Chicks Dig Scars: Raised on Radio

It’s actually more difficult to come up with things to rant about when it’s going well, isn’t it? Sheer satisfaction for the past three weeks ON the field, means not much to complain about, really. Well, for most people that... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: To suck, or not to suck.

You learn something new every week. This week, I learned that “suck” is a swear word. Huh. Really? Because I say it all the time. It’s a part of my everyday speech. If someone tells me something awful has happened, I say,... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS. My Christmas List! No Crocs, please.

Happy Holidays to all our readers! I’ve compiled a list of things I’d like for Christmas. Perhaps you’d like to share your wishes with us in the comment section? 1. Have you looked at the NFC West lately? They will send a... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: He asked for it.

Things were bad enough on Monday afternoon, the day after the Packers failed to show up for a game in Detroit and ended up losing 7-3. A game that was more devastating to Packer post season hopes than most initially thought.  A loss that... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: Please throw back the throwbacks

This photo of the Badgers’ John Clay has nothing to do with the Packers. But, I thought it was cool. Some random Packer musings: Throwback uniforms. The jerseys were nice, other than the fact that the biggest complaint from... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: Way too much bird and football this weekend

Yes, Virginia, the Packers have a running game.....we think. Four days. Wall to wall football. You’d think that would be a football fan’s dream, but by Saturday night, I was spent. Thanksgiving, three games. Indifference has... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: You’re not fooling anyone, Aaron.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. See that look on Aaron Rodgers’ face as he greeted his former non-mentor following the Packers 31-3 throttling of the Minnesota Vikings? It says everything. It is the very definition... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: A Public Service for our female readers

Wally likes photos of pretty women. No secret. But, I was thinking that we ladies deserve some equal time. You’re welcome. Tweet