Prince Fielder

Will the Brewers Ever do Anything Right Ever Again?

Will the Brewers Ever do Anything Right Ever Again?

While the trade deadline came and passed last week with the Brewers only making one move, many fans were upset with the Brewers for not trading any additional players. It felt as though everything that could go wrong this year has gone wrong,... read more »


Not a CC Reprise

Pardon my skepticism about the Brewers move to acquire Francisco Rodriguez. In the wake of the largely positive response to the deal from most fans and writers, my enthusiasm is tempered. As more and more details of the trade seep out, I am... read more »


Why doesn’t Fielder lose weight?

I came across this  question posted in the post game comments section related to the Brewers 4-3 over the Twins last night. It’s a question/comment I see offered frequently by fans of teams playing Milwaukee. Lots of fat jokes and... read more »


Same Old Brewers

Has anyone else noticed that this year’s new, supposedly improved version of the Milwaukee Brewers bears a strong resemblance to the old, frustrating Brewers’ team that we’ve seen for most of the last 5 years?  Hmm, maybe... read more »