Free Agency

Brewers Hot Stove

Brewers Hot Stove

  With the winter meetings set to start on December 9 th ,things are starting to heat up in trade talks and free agent buzz. It’s all quiet on the Brewers’ front, however. Doug Melvin has come out and said that the Brewers are not... read more »


Braun Needs To Fess Up

It’s time for Ryan Braun to confess. When I first heard about his positive test for synthetic testosterone, I didn’t believe it. I bought Braun’s explanation the sample was tainted due to chain of custody issues. Who wants to believe... read more »


Slavery? REALLY?!!

I fully intended to stay away from the current collective bargaining dispute between NFL owners and players because the entire concept of a dispute involving so much money holds very little resonance for me as an average fan.  But I just... read more »