PD Sunday Sampler

The Wisconsin Badgers football team played in the Rose Bowl yesterday for only the 5th time in my lifetime.  I don’t remember the first one so well as I was only 3 years old at the time, and I doubt I’ll make much effort to remember... read more »


Immediate Post-Game Rose Bowl Overreaction

Well, that kinda stunk. Following are some of my immediate post-game thoughts after Wisconsin’s 21-19 loss to TCU: 1—TCU played a great game. No turnovers, great strategy to attack Wisconsin’s secondary, and classy post-game behavior. 2... read more »


Marquette and Wisconsin – Why It’s Not A Rivalry

I do in fact understand the importance of this game. If nothing else, the annual Wisconsin vs. Marquette basketball match-up allows each team the opportunity to beat a “quality team”, get a boost in the strength of schedule department... read more »


We’re Smelling Roses

Courtesy of Jacki Bezak’s Twitter , we have the sequel to Teach Me How to Bucky .  As I say to my boys every time the Badgers score ‘When you said Wisconsin!, You’ve Said It All (ba-bump!)’ Tweet


MU/UW Hoops First Impressions

It is early, really early to begin making definitive statements about the two major Division 1 hoops teams in Wisconsin. It is not too early to share some first impressions. Marquette: Strengths — The 2010-11 squad has more depth and athleticism... read more »


Some Quick Badger Postgame Observations

I am really, really happy for Montee Ball. What would have happened if the Badgers did not get the first down on the fake punt in the fourth quarter? They would have lost the game. Either way, I love the call. Playing in Iowa City, with a depleted... read more »


YAWNNNNNN…Badgers Keep the Axe

My family and I took in the Wisconsin-Minnesota football game on Saturday. The Badgers retain Paul Bunyan’s Axe in a game with all the drama of my walk each Sunday morning down the driveway to grab the Sunday paper (Yes!!! It’s There!) Following... read more »


I need a new pin cushion

Show of hands…who doesn’t point the finger at someone else when there’s an argument, accident or even disastrous oil spill? It’s their fault, he did it, she started it, not me. In almost every situation, we seek... read more »


Saturday Morning Musings

(Getting this out of the way early this week as I’ll be heading to Miller Park Sunday morning.) The “big” news in Badgerland this week was the addition of the University of Nebraska to the Big(12)Ten. After months of consideration... read more »


Saturday Morning Musings

Since this is a holiday weekend and even less people than normal will be reading, this will be more of a truncated, stream of conciousness SMM as I don’t want to spend too much time thinking…….. Last week in this space... read more »