A Simple Kind of Fan

A Simple Kind of Fan. Year of the Narv Dog. 3.1.11

What a difference a year makes for the starting rotation.  Doug Melvin has managed to build a starting rotation from the top down, which has all but assured that Randy Wolf and Chris Narveson will be the fourth and fifth starters this... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan. Finding a Rickie Weeks in a Haystack 2.22.11

Is another HUGE year in store for Rickie in 2011? After many seasons of unfulfilled hopes and promise, Weeks put it all together and had a phenomenal 2010 season.  Despite the success of Weeks, many Brewer fans continue to bemoan the... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan. Live from Cancun 2.15.11

No worries, I am bringing him back with me. This will be a somewhat abbreviated post this week.  After a month into the blog, I needed a vacation already!  Hence, while you are reading this, I am away in Cancun and surely sunburned,... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan. A Giant Game of Major League Monopoly. 2.8.11

I love baseball.  I love the history, tradition, and numbers associated with the game.  Unlike football, the game has been played the same way for over a hundred years.  Unlike football, you can make crude comparisons of players from... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan. The Down on the Farm Edition 2.1.11

Is Mark Rogers a starting pitcher? Following minor league prospects used to be a difficult task.  The Milwaukee Journal or the Milwaukee Sentinel didn’t print minor league box scores and there certainly wasn’t a plethora of resources... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan. The Defensive Edition 1.25.11

This post today will be about defense.  From a fan’s perspective, defense is often a forgotten trait when taking into account the configuration of a baseball team.   The prevailing “Sportscenter” attitude seems to be one of ‘Show... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan 1.18.11 Edition

I have a 3 yr old daughter. My wife had let it slip that the local Parks & Rec Department has a Tee Ball League for 3 year olds.  I am skeptical on many levels.  Are these going to be afternoon games during Nap time?  What are the rules... read more »


A Simple Kind of Fan

Welcome to the first edition of A Simple Kind of Fan.  Thank you to Wally and the gang for giving me a start on here and allowing me the opportunity.  The purpose of this blog is to explore everything Brewer related from a fan’s perspective. ... read more »