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24-year old Senior Writer in the Corporate Marketing department at @PinstripeTalent, as well as being a Life-er in the business of loving sports. I have spent the past five years of my life building a career as a writer; I was raised to believe that respect is earned, not given, and I believe the same methodology should apply to renown as a writer. Feel free to dig deeper... http://www.linkedin.com/in/richwardjr/ https://www.facebook.com/RichWardJr https://twitter.com/RichWardJr

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Who Finished First?

Who Finished First?

“Cadel, we love you! Aussie, Aussie, Aussie — Oy, Oy, Oy!” hundreds of passionate, Australian fans chanted in unison . Yes, a Tour de France champion has been crowned. Australian born Cadel Evans, 34, has become the first... read more »


Mr. Jay Cutler, I Like the Sound of That

Mr. Jay Cutler, I Like the Sound of That

Jay Cutler is getting married. “I’ve been ripping out a lot of papers from Brides magazine,”  Kristin Cavallari, Jay Cutler’s fiance said to People Magazine . “I’m going to start meeting with wedding... read more »


Brewers-Yankees: What Does Joba Think? Also…

Not only did Wednesday mark yet another road loss for the Milwaukee Brewers (15-28 away), but the afternoon proved to be quite a momentous benchmark for the New York Yankees. Mark Teixeira launched his 300th career homerun, becoming... read more »


A Brewers Sweep, Frozen Twinkies, and Minka Kelly

Whether you’re die-hard, fair-weather, a bandwagon fan or communist, it was impossible — as a Wisconsin sports enthusiast – to miss what the Milwaukee Brewers did to the the Minnesota Twins this past weekend. Sure the... read more »


Jay Cutler, Twitter and Omnipotence at its Finest

Jay Cutler, Twitter and Omnipotence at its Finest

Omnipotence is considered all-powerfulness. For example, many religions view God as omnipotent. French philosopher René Descartes once discussed the possibility of an omnipotent demon who could manipulate our thoughts and deceive us (“Silva... read more »


Randy Wolf: A One-Legged Mule?

Two out of three ain’t bad, especially against the 2011 World Series Champions… I recently came across a Philadelphia fan-based blog titled Team to Beat . Nothing special about their site, but then again, here I am, one... read more »


Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction: NFC Championship

I’ve got nothing… I have been pondering how to introduce today’s game since late Saturday night (no sleep), but I am stuck at an utter standstill. Do I attempt humor, snark? Try to be dramatic? Call on Women’s Health... read more »


Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction: GB @ PHI

8:37AM Per Young Women’s Health: “You know when you’re stressed out – your body feels bad and your thoughts are spinning…Our bodies are designed to handle calm situations, and also exciting or dangerous ones. When... read more »


Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction: CHI @ GB

I’ve refrained from chiming in on the “Bears still suck” debate, because well, I haven’t experienced enough of the rivalry (yet) to form a well balanced opinion. That said, I believe Mignon McLaughlin sums up the entire... read more »


Running Diary + Live Twitter Reaction: NYG @ Green Bay

I didn’t ask Santa for much this Christmas…Flat screen television, winning lottery ticket, whatever shoes Mike Vick is wearing, bottle of Clay Matthews’ conditioner and a blowout victory over the New York Giants. No, not... read more »