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Ted Thompson Made Me Eat Crow

Following week four, I penned a column (that incidentally got me invited to write here) blasting Ted Thompson’s ego and his unwavering belief in the depth of his roster. Hindsight being 20/20 and all, I realize now, that many of my... read more »


Tramon Williams, AJ Hawk Taking Advantage of Opportunities

It’s well documented how decimated the Packers have been by injury in 2010. Al Harris, who many expected to return as the team’s number two corner has just been released without playing a single down this season. Will Blackmon, a solid contributor... read more »


Packers Seeking a Signature Win

Sunday night’s victory against the Vikings was a big win on a few levels. Packer fans got their revenge against Brett Favre and the team seemingly got back on track after a two game slide. But, this week’s game against the New... read more »


Division Uncertainty Gives Packers Hope

The Packers have not been the explosive, exciting, dominant team we saw in the preseason. In fact, they’ve looked downright mediocre.  They haven’t won a second half since the Bills game, and are 3-3 entering the most difficult... read more »