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QUICK HIT: Brewer Pitching

After watching Jeff Suppans effort yesterday, I started thinking about what we thought about Eric Gagne last year. His signing doesn’t seem so bad anymore. That contract was for one year only at 10mil. Suppans contract is four years at... read more »


NCAA Champion in Wisconsin

Now that Wisconsin and Marquette have been eliminated from the NCAA tournament there is still reason to celebrate. Sunday, while we were all concerned with the mens basketball teams, one Badger team did win a game. The Badger womens hockey team... read more »



After hearing the news about ARod I was more surprised then dissapointed. Ater what has come out the last several years about steroids in baseball, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised about any new revalations. What surprised me ,was like... read more »



This doesn’t have anything to do with sports, other than Ice Fishing, but did I miss the memo cancelling global warming in Wisconsin? Tweet



Here are a few random thoughts on why the Packers didn’t make the playoffs. Favre didn’t give inside information to all opponents Hawk, when calling defensive signals, was distracted by voices in helmet TT thought unused salary cap... read more »


It Is What It Is

I may be premature in saying this, and I hope I am, but I think I overestimated the ability of this Badger basketball team when I suggested that they would finish second in the Big Ten standings. They are a good Big Ten team, but will struggle... read more »


Stone Cold Leadpipe Lock

After watching each Big Ten team at least twice, this is my prediction. 1 Michigan State 2 Wisconsin 3 Purdue 4 Illinois 5 Ohio State 6 Minnesota 7 Michigan 8 Penn State 9 Iowa 10 Northwestern 11 Indiana This is my challenge to all of you other... read more »


More Questions Then Answers

As I sat and watched the snow falling yesterday, naturally my thought turned to the Milwaukee Brewers. When last season ended I thought this was going to be a very interesting off season. Thus far that has not been the case. So here we sit with... read more »