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I’ve Found the Horseshoe…

…and it’s up Lovie Smith’s tuchas. In the afterglow of a Gigantic boatrace v. NY, the Packers now face another do-or-die situation against the Chicago Bears next Sunday on the electronically unfrozen DD GrassMaster of Lambeau... read more »


Injury Fallout

Injury Fallout Prior to getting injured and becoming one of the Packers 15 players lost for the year on IR, Mark Tauscher was not having a great season. At least he wasn’t as solid as he was after coming back from knee surgery last... read more »


“If Everyone Stays Healthy…”

It’s instructive to look back at the preseason predictions for the Green Bay Packers . I couldn’t help but notice the caveat: “If everyone stays healthy, this team is the Super Bowl favorite in the N.F.C.” The thing... read more »


Should Aaron Rodgers Take a Seat?

When Packers QB Aaron Rodgers suffered a concussion in yesterday’s game at Ford Field, causing him to miss the second half against the Lions, the first question most of us had was “Will he be ready to play next week?” It... read more »


For MLB, More Might Be Merrier

The Major League Baseball regular season has wrapped, leaving us with eight teams vying to be World Series Champion. Of all the major team professional sports, Baseball’s season is the purest test–a long 162 game grind with just... read more »


Gazing at Shiny Objects

This isn’t one of those, “I know better than others about how to build the Milwaukee Brewers” posts. No–far from it. I will admit straight up that I don’t know the best course the team should trod on its way back... read more »


What’s $5 Million Worth?

With his second trip to the All Star game now certain, Brewers RF Corey Hart just added a few million dollars to his 2011 salary. Who knows what he will demand in arbitration this coming off-season, but my guess is around $8 million.... read more »


The Slick Fielding Alcides Escobar

When Alcides Escobar was working his way through the Milwaukee Brewers farm system fans heard many stories of the amazing defense this guy played. One scout was even reported to have said that Escobar made one outstanding play each game.... read more »


Ryan Braun Reprise

It’s now been nearly a month since I suggested that something wasn’t right with Brewers left fielder Ryan Braun . The notion that Braun might not be mentally dialed in due to the hitting conditions at Miller Park and the team’s... read more »


In Search of Ryan Braun

It’s probably just me, but it seems like Brewers OF Ryan Braun has checked out. It’s not just that he looks more lost in left field than he usually does, but his stats over the last 24 games tell an alarming story: A mediocre.250... read more »