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PocketDoppler.com Group 2012 Resolutions

PocketDoppler.com Group 2012 Resolutions

Welcome to what may very well be the last PocketDoppler.com post of 2011 (unless someone sneaks one in there tomorrow).  2011 was a pretty good year here at PocketDoppler.com.  We doubled the number of contributors to the site, the ‘Pocket... read more »


Sadly, the Cards in Six

My distaste for the St. Louis Cardinals has been well-documented, as is my fear that STL presents a highly undesirable opponent for the Brewers in the post-season.   The concerns are numerous: The Cards surged during September to claim the... read more »


Favre, Packers and Rodgers Redux

While he has tried to back away from it, Brett Favre can’t seem to get out of his own way when it comes to commenting on the Green Bay Packers and the man who replaced him at QB, Aaron Rodgers. Along the way to picking the Packers to... read more »


Enjoying the Ride, But Still Tentative About the Brewers

 I consider this to be my 43rd season as a baseball fan. While I recall going to see the Pale Hose play at old County Stadium in Milwaukee in 1968 (who forgets their first Bat Night?), I didn’t really become a fan until the following... read more »


Pope Ted the Assassin

I think it’s safe to say that Packers fans found the team’s Super Bowl victory over the Steelers last February to be satisfying. For me, there remains a warm glow to this day. But in the wake of the sweet victory there emerged another... read more »


Brewers Thoughts the Morning After (audio)

Starting off a critical 11 game road trip with two flaccid losses has put me in a reflective pose concerning the Milwaukee Brewers. I sincerely believe they need to win at least five games on this trip to position themselves for a realistic... read more »


Milwaukee Brewers: 250 Words or Less: 7/15/11

A death in Denver… Well, not really. But it sure felt that way. Here’s the game report for your listening pleasure:   Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest... read more »


For Those in Need of Therapy

As the NFL lock-out seems to be winding down, putting the very real possibility of football on the horizon,   Packers Therapy emerged from its off-season cave to discuss the NFL lock-out, specifically some of the roster moves that will... read more »


Not a CC Reprise

Pardon my skepticism about the Brewers move to acquire Francisco Rodriguez. In the wake of the largely positive response to the deal from most fans and writers, my enthusiasm is tempered. As more and more details of the trade seep out, I am... read more »


Brewers at the Break (audio blog)

At the traditional “half-way point” of the season (which, in reality, comes more than half way though the MLB season), the Brewers seem well positioned. But the immediate road ahead looks daunting and might tell the story for the... read more »