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Displaced Cheesehead and Packer fanatic. Love ANYTHING Wisconsin, but also follow the Fighting Irish (I've been part of the University since '92), the Red Wings, and yes....I also like the Cubs. Mea Culpa.

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CHICKS DIG SCARS: A Weekend of Whoop Ass in Wisconsin!

I traveled to Burlington, Wisconsin on Friday, intending to see some old classmates for a informal class reunion at my high school’s Homecoming game (a nd more importantly, a group gathering at a local watering hole afterwards ... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS. Week Two: A Packer Fan in Enemy Territory

CHICKS DIG SCARS. Week Two: A Packer Fan in Enemy Territory

Week Two and the Packers are 2-0. That sounds good no matter how you slice it. Combined with the egg that was laid by the Vikings and the Bears on Sunday,  it was a good weekend, I’d say ( and for me, the Fighting Irish won! Yay! ... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: Football….It’s ON like Ndamukong!

CHICKS DIG SCARS: Football….It’s ON like Ndamukong!

Yeah, I know he’s on the Lions. I just like to say his name. With the lockout this season, I’ve found myself without much to say (I know you’re shocked).  Writer’s block? Maybe. I started a couple of posts and then... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: Curse YOU, Madden 12!

I saw an online article this morning that gave me pause: Bodog installs Rodgers as the favorite to grace the Madden 12 cover .  Now we’re betting on the Madden cover? Now, seeing Aaron Rodgers on the cover of something isn’t... read more »



I like hockey. No, I love hockey. Almost as much as football, actually. Spring is playoff season. Do you want to know how much of the NBA playoffs I’ll be watching? Approximately 30 seconds worth…..MAYBE. Once March Madness is over,... read more »


CHICK DIG SCARS: Who the Hell is Sophie, and why is she making me choose?

Every late winter/early spring, there is a time after the last bit of confetti is cleaned up from the Super Bowl, and the NHL Playoffs and March Madness begin, which is a sports wasteland for me. I really don’t follow the NBA. Oh sure,... read more »


DREAMY DUDES OF DOPPLER: Boys Of Summer, Part Deux

Continuing what I started on Monday, let’s focus on that warm weather sport…..well, mostly warm weather, since the World Series is now being played in flippin’ November. 1. J.J. Hardy, shortstop, former Milwaukee Brewer, now... read more »


Dreamy Dudes of Doppler: Pitchers and Catchers Report…..

Dreamy Dudes of Doppler: Pitchers and Catchers Report…..

How about a little baseball eye candy, ladies? 1. Cole Hamels, pitcher, Philadelphia Phillies. 2008 World Series MVP. 2 Brad Ausmus, most recently with the Los Angeles Dodgers, now an assistant with the San Diego Padres. Surf’s up! 3.... read more »


Chicks Dig Scars: Football Withdrawls and Championship Hangovers

Football season is over. If it weren’t for the NHL playoffs and March Madness looming, I’d be breaking out in a cold sweat right now. So, I took the week after the Super Bowl off from blogging. I was in a football coma. A joyous... read more »


CHICKS DIG SCARS: Can we talk?

I hate to interrupt the Super Bowl week merriment with a serious subject, but I’m going to do just that. Apologies in advance. Today, Jason Whitlock of FOX SPORTS penned an article in support of Ben Roethlisberger, basically painting... read more »