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An unapologetic Vikings, Twins, and Marquette fan, I have learned to keep my allegiances private while living in Burlington,WI.

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2010 High School Football Playoff Predictions

We are reaching late October and, aside from the WEAC Convention, nothing says autumn like the Wisconsin state high school football playoffs. Following are my divisional selections for state champions: Division 1: Kenosha Bradford. The state’s... read more »


YAWNNNNNN…Badgers Keep the Axe

My family and I took in the Wisconsin-Minnesota football game on Saturday. The Badgers retain Paul Bunyan’s Axe in a game with all the drama of my walk each Sunday morning down the driveway to grab the Sunday paper (Yes!!! It’s There!) Following... read more »


Polar (or NFC North) Opposites

Ted Thompson and Zygi Wilf have little in common, and the management style they bring to their football teams could not be more different. Perhaps Ted’s conservative approach to managing the Packers is due to the team’s overall management... read more »


High School Conference Realignment — Another Way?

High school football season begins in two weeks, a rite of fall that is loved throughout the state of Wisconsin. Over the past year, the controversy involving the possible restructuring of the high school football season dominated the headlines.... read more »


Breaking News…Favre Retiring Again?

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune is reporting the following… http://www.startribune.com/sports/vikings/99841644.html Tweet


Maximizing the Customer Experience

How folks spend their entertainment dollar is dependent on many factors. Among other things, people want good value for their money, the feeling that their time was maximized, and the sense that they were treated like valued customers who are... read more »


Summertime Hoops at the Scion Dental Pro-Am

Looking for a reprieve from baseball season, where the Brewers run for contention is progressing like an extended treadmill session, and not yet making it to NFL training camp time, my son and I took a field trip today to the Scion Dental Summer... read more »


They Know More Than We Do

The drafting of Mike Neal raised some eyebrows during the Packers 2010 draft. Obviously, Ted Thompson knew more about the seriousness of Johnny Jolly’s situation than most others. The jury is out as to whether Neal will be a solid pro,... read more »


Expanding Conferences

I find the recent college conference expansion discussion fascinating…sort of a fantasy activity combined with the board game Risk. Following are my thoughts: Adding Nebraska to the Big 10 (11…or 12) is a safe move focused on football.... read more »


Finally, Some Relief

I am really enjoying the flexibility and creativity Bo Ryan is showing this year since the injury to Jon Leuer. He frequently has used a 4-guard lineup and, despite some struggles against Purdue, has shown the willingness to stick with this... read more »