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An unapologetic Vikings, Twins, and Marquette fan, I have learned to keep my allegiances private while living in Burlington,WI.

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Unfortunately, He Is Looking Mighty Good

The late Calvin Griffith, former owner of the Minnesota Twins, was noted for his squeaky wallet. He whined incessantly when he had to pay a player more money. Once, when watching a teenage Butch Wynegar lining baseballs all over the ballpark,... read more »


Buzz Can Learn from Dick

Can we please talk about something besides the Packers? Basketball coaches are notorious for borrowing ideas from others and then applying them to their specific situation. I coached high school varsity girls’ basketball for 11 years, and... read more »


Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Losses

It was a rough, rough week for Wisconsin’s top two college basketball programs. What could be worse than Bo Ryan’s Badgers blowing a 9-point lead with a little over two minutes remaining against Michigan State? Michigan State ultimately... read more »


Worst Kept Secret in Wisconsin

SSSSHHHHH…..don’t tell anyone. Barry Alvarez wants to keep Paul Chryst in Madison in case Bret Bielema leaves and have him be the coach-in-waiting for Wisconsin Badgers. That will be easier said than done. Chryst has developed a reputation... read more »


Immediate Post-Game Rose Bowl Overreaction

Well, that kinda stunk. Following are some of my immediate post-game thoughts after Wisconsin’s 21-19 loss to TCU: 1—TCU played a great game. No turnovers, great strategy to attack Wisconsin’s secondary, and classy post-game behavior. 2... read more »


Ten Ideas in 2011 for the Wisconsin Sports Fan

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions, but I am big on trying new things each year. Here are a few ideas for Wisconsin sports fans in 2011: 1 – Get tickets to a minor league baseball game. Check out the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers,... read more »



It is cold, I have had a frustrating weekend fixing a laptop with some new friends in the Dell Technical Support Department , and it is Sunday night when I traditionally get a bit crabby. It is time to share 10 THINGS THAT ARE BUGGING ME TODAY! 1.... read more »


Holiday Gift Suggestions Vol. 1

With the holiday season upon us, many are struggling in their attempts to find that “just right” gift for our loved ones. Over the next two weeks, I will periodically provide some gift ideas for those that seemingly have everything. Today’s... read more »


MU/UW Hoops First Impressions

It is early, really early to begin making definitive statements about the two major Division 1 hoops teams in Wisconsin. It is not too early to share some first impressions. Marquette: Strengths — The 2010-11 squad has more depth and athleticism... read more »


Some Quick Badger Postgame Observations

I am really, really happy for Montee Ball. What would have happened if the Badgers did not get the first down on the fake punt in the fourth quarter? They would have lost the game. Either way, I love the call. Playing in Iowa City, with a depleted... read more »