I was very sorry to read that Jim Powell has called his last Brewers game.  Well, at least his last as Bob Uecker’s wingman. It is now being reported as official that Powell will be calling Braves games in ATL this summer.  I have heard some comment that this will be a big loss for Brewers fans.  I respectfully disagree:  This will be a HUGE loss.

Over 13 years Powell has proven himself to be a pro’s pro behind the mic. Particularly in recent years Powell has found his own voice and reached par with his much more famous partner, the iconic Bob Uecker.  Make no mistake, I am a Ueck fan — in many ways he has come to define Brewers baseball and, perhaps more importantly, become the soundtrack for summer evenings in Wisconsin.  But for those really keen on what is happening on the diamond, who want to hear insightful commentary on the baseball news of the day, who are interested in what’s going on with Brewers prospects, who like a few modern stats mixed into their broadcast, Powell had become the broadcaster of choice.  In fact, I warmed to Powell so much that I even started looking forward to the third, fourth and seventh innings. He will be very difficult to replace.

But I thought some of best radio occurred when they were both on mic, playing off of each other, having fun at the ballpark in the way that I, as a fan, would like to.  Powell had become not only a great straight man for Bob, he had learned how to be entertaining in his own right while not stepping in Ueck’s spotlight —  a delicate, nuanced role to be sure.

So now the team and WTMJ need to find someone to fit in with Uecker, a broadcaster who can discover chemistry and rapport with a state legend.  That will be a tall task and, for the sake of my summer evening walks, I hope they can find the right guy.  In the meantime I will wish Jim all the best in his new gig and hold out hope that someday, when Bob decides he’s had enough, that Powell would be willing to return to Milwaukee as the main guy and be my summer evening companion once again.


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  1. Jon says:

    Not a lot of time to find someone, either. No one comes to mind quickly…maybe Drew Olson? Craig Coshun?

  2. Wally says:

    Yea, that is going to be different and you’re right, some of the best times were when both Jim and Uecker were hamming it up together. I’ll miss Powell cracking up uncontrollably on air from a Uecker comment or story.

  3. Jon says:

    Jim Paschke? Marv Albert? YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

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