A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

1. Storming the Gates: So by now we all know about Prince Fielder’s mad dash to seek retribution on Guillermo Mota in the Dodger’s clubhouse (video here ).  What’s more amazing is that Fielder wasn’t suspended.  My personal feelings are that is was rather bush league of the Dodgers to take their hit at Fielder when they did with the game so out of hand.  If they wanted to take their shot they should have waited till the next day.

2. Snake in the Grass:  I read the JSOnline Brewers Blog daily and while Hardincourt is a class act, I have to agree with the points on Anthony Witrado here and here . 

3. Hope Is An Ugly Word: Every time I am ready to give up on them, the Brewers just keep pulling me back in.  With the series win over the Dodgers and an on paper good schedule in August, are the playoffs hopes still simmering? 

4. Bad Advice: This really doesn’t surprise me as from what I saw Michael Crabtree seemed like a punk, but if he actually listens to his advisors here and holds out the season he deserves any and all problems headed his way.  Of course, who knows really what is being said and happily I really don’t care.

5. Just Say No: I had some thoughts specifically on Thompson on this topic matter, but the Packers should not bring Michael Vick into the fold.  They don’t need him, the potential bad publicity and media maelstrom this would cause.

6. Piling on Kendall: Brewers pitcher Jason Kendall seems to be the whipping boy du jour.  Some really good points in that read and curiously, why does Kendall get the pass?  I know I don’t bitch about him at all when I probably should be.

7. I Blame The Raiders: The Raiders gave their #7 pick Heyward-Bey a 20% increase in signing bonus money which has in turn caused a domino effect on signing the picks below that, including B.J. Raji.  The fan in me wants to blame Raji for not manning up and getting a deal done but the realist in me knows it’s not really his call, it’s his agent’s.

8. I Hope This Is True: There has been a lot of talk of the good, if not great, camp that 2nd year Tight End Jermichael Finley has been having.  I liked the pick when it was made and I hope my faith in Finley holds true as a viable receiving TE threat isn’t something the Packers have had for a long time.  Sorry, Donald Lee doesn’t count as a threat.

9. Packer’s Bold Prediction for the Week: Maybe a new TWTW segment but here goes….Desmond Bishop will beat out AJ Hawk for the starting “Buck” position. 

10. Blog to Bookmark: Not a blog per se but rather the Twitter Feed of JSOnline writer Greg Bedard.  Bedard “tweets” throughout the training camp practices so if you can’t be at a session, this is the next best thing.


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  1. BigSnakeMan says:

    .7) I have to take issue with the idea that it’s the agent’s call on whether and when to sign. The agent works for the player; not the other way around. While it’s unlikely that either Raji or his representatives want to accept a below market contract (something that would be unpopular with the player’s union as well), if a player wants the contract done it will get done.

    And the Raiders don’t have a clue.

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