A weekly review of the past week in sports and maybe not sports.  Everyone else has a weekly list or 8 so why not us.

#1 Rocky in Miller Park: Bad time for the Brewer bats to go quiet when facing a red-hot Rockies team.  Lot of season left though so not staring at the panic button yet.  Nice piece on that very topic here.

#2 Brad Childress Didn’t Know Brett Favre Had Surgery: This is on the floor laughable.  Chilly is either a complete idiot for saying this and thinking it would be believed or just…nyah, he’s an idiot.

#3 Aaron Rodgers Wearing Big Boy Pants: Rodgers sorta, kinda, not really “called out” Kampmann in regards to Kampy’s perceived frustration/dislike of the 3-4 transition. Big deal made out of this here on the Green Bay sports talk radio.  After re-reading this, I still don’t see how anyone could call this Rodgers “calling out” Kampmann.

#4 Coach McCarthy Ranked 16th in NFL Coaching Rankings:  Which obviously means he’s ranked so low because “he ran Brett Favre” out of town.  I really can’t believe that people will not let this go.  

#5 Shaking the President’s Hand: Got to shake President Obama’s hand at the Townhall Meeting held here in Green Bay. Yeah, I know, I’ve been playing this up but really, how many times does the average person get to do that? You can see photos here

#6 Brewers Trade Talk: This topic has been warming up of late.  Most of it, at least around these parts, about trading Hart or Hardy for starting pitching.  My two cents: as much as I like Hardy, he has the most value and the Brewers already have a replacement for him in AAA. Boston seems to be the flavor of the month for a potential partner.

#7 First Trip to Miller Park This Year: Mike, Dad, Gary & I will be heading down to Miller Park today/tonight for at least my first trip down there this year.  Bus trip sponsored by a local establishment so looking forward to some fun.

#8 Mickelson Playing the US Open: Lefty has announced he will be playing the US Open. I imagine his wife’s recent personal struggles will make him the sentimental favorite.

#9 Phillips Logger Baseball: Congrats to my Alma Mater for getting to the Regionals in Div 3 baseball.  Lost to hated rival Park Falls in the Sectionals but still nice to see a Phillips team, other than Cross Country, advance to the post season.

#10 Blog to Bookmark: Miller Park Drunk.  Just overall good and amusing content.  This was a favorite from a week ago.


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    I agree: Miller Park Drunk is good stuff.

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