Wednesday the Braves released 305 game winner, future hall of famer Tom Glavine.  Somewhat surprising as his recent rehab start in the minors seemed to be going well.  I thought that if Glavine didn’t return it would be because he choose to retire, not because he was released.  My thoughts are that the Braves just wanted to move forward with ace prospect Tommy Hanson rather than Glavine.  With this turn of events though, I think the question should be asked – Do the Brewers think about trying to obtain Glavine’s services.

Now I don’t pretend to have followed Glavine’s progress that closely but if he was pitching strongly and is healthy enough to start, the Brewers should definitely be on the phone to his agent today.  The starting pitching for the Brewers has been surprisingly not sucky, especially in light of how all the pundits thought the Brewer’s rotation would be their downfall.  As nice of a surprise as this has been, one very unpleasant spot in the starting rotation has come in the form of one Manny Parra.  As Ken Macha said, “I’m trying to figure him out, a little bit”. 

Parra has the tools to be a good if not great pitcher but it seems right now the problem is between his ears.  Parra is either hot or cold, no in between.  Every pitcher has bad games, but Parra’s hot and cold happens between the span of innings, not games.  The Brewers should evaluate Glavine’s health and ability and if he checks out, get him to Milwaukee for the remainder of the year and let Parra exorcise his demons in Triple AAA.


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  1. Mike says:

    You beat me to this one. From the accounts that I read, Glavine’s minor league starts went well for the most part. Considering Parra’s struggles, Doug Melvin would be wise to at least investigate the possibility of Glavine pitching for Milwaukee. The risk would be minimal.

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