After reading about 3 or 4 dozen last minute mock drafts (because I’m a glutton for punishment) yesterday I was as near to 100% confident that by the time the Packers picked at 21 that pick would either be Ryan Shazier or C.J. Mosley. I was going to be OK with either one of those as well even though as I said last week in a Daybreak Doppler I really had my heart set on the Packers getting either Pryor or Clinton-Dix. As the draft unfolded things looked to be lining up pretty good for one of those linebackers to be the newest Packer. Then within the span of three picks both the OSU & Alabama player were gone & to add insult to injury Pryor was picked by the Jets.

Low and behold though, Clinton-Dix was still out there & as we all sweated through the Miami & New Orleans picks he still was available at 21 & quickly there was much rejoicing. This Packers pick seems to be one of those rare occasions where need met best player available. Clinton-Dix won’t be an enforcer type Safety but he will be one who will be able to patrol the back end of the field & cover a lot of ground. I think this pick will also make Burnett a better player as last year he didn’t have a quality running mate & seemed to be trying to cover both spots so feel free to expect a huge jump out of the Safety production this year, I sure am. I simply don’t see how anyone cannot be thrilled with this pick.

As for tonight & the three picks the Packers have coming up, I’m totally guessing here but then aren’t we all. I was so sure that the Packers would get their Inside Linebacker in the first round that I didn’t even bother looking at anyone in that position group after Shazier & Mosley. There is still a need at the ILB spot as well as TE, which is where  I’m thinking the Packers go in the second round. Jace Amaro or Austin  Seferian-Jenkins would be my choices there & would not be against Ted trading one of the two third round picks to move up to get one of those guys.  Of course, if one of the big guys like Defensive Tackles Hageman or Nix start falling I could see Thompson going in that direction.

In the third round and admittedly this is a Badger homer choice, I would love to see Jared Abberderis get drafted by the Packers here. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least though if the former Wisconsin wideout went in the late second & wouldn’t be available. That leaves me with my other homer pick of Chris Borland but I’m not 100% sold on that one. As much as I like Borland & have seen a ton of him over the years I’m just not sure how his game & ability will translate to the next level. More likely & most likely the better pick would be someone like Stanford Linebacker Shayne Skov to fill that ILB need. I wouldn’t mind seeing a Center here in this round either, but we all know Ted doesn’t even think that’s a real position so it’ll never happen.

No matter the picks, Rounds 2 & 3 are still a ton of fun as we’re still watching players get picked that will most probably have an impact on the team. All due respect of course to David Bakhtiari & Donald Driver with that statement. Enjoy the remainder of the draft & have a great weekend.


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