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Allison Brie

When I had the hair brained idea to take over for the now defunct Sports Bubbler & Dan Walsh’s daily posts I didn’t realize how much work it was. It’s one thing to find however many links every day, that’s the easy part. The hard parts were trying to find mostly PG-13 photos of attractive woman & then coming up with something to write about every week day. I’m not the most knowledgeable fan out there, I’ll be the first to admit that. I do think for the most part what I had to say about the Packers, Brewers, Badgers, Bucks & Golden Eagles occasionally had merit though. But trying to find something all the time, every day to write about is just, well gosh, it’s just tiring.

So to that effect, this will be the last Daybreak Doppler. will still be around & I hope you visit when we have something to share. I’ll most likely end up writing more now that I don’t have to come up with something every day. We’ve had some great new additions to the group in @BadgerNoonen & @akschaaf and of course all the people that started this thing with me. My Uncle Mike, cousin Jon, Chris Richards, Dad even wrote a few pieces & then the original crew & original PD Angels of Colleen, Doc Kel & Anita. There’s really too many people to thank so if you had a hand in this or a post just know I am eternally grateful for your efforts & that’s not just hyperbole.

I do want to stress, this is not a good bye, just a change. Doing this blog/site has forged some of the best friendships I’ve ever had & that is too important to me to just say I’m hanging it up. We’ll have the return of The Backdeck vs The Mayor later this week for their draft post, the return of the Packers Therapy podcast once football get’s going & there will be more to come. Pocket Doppler is also one of the founding sponsors of Throwback Weekend, something I’m immensely proud of being a part of & I hope to see you all there come October, I’ll be the taller bald guy next to the shorter bald guy. Maybe someone else will take up the daily link dump, you just won’t have it here. If anyone out there wants to take up that mantle, I’d be more than happy to share my list of sites with you.

So the first Daybreak Doppler was posted on March 10th, 2010. That’s a helluva a track record & I’m proud of every one. The last one will be posted today, May 5th, 2014. Thank you all for hanging around & have a great week.


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  • dwalsh76

    Well said Wally. You did better job than I ever did with the drink. Cheers.

  • crichar3

    Take a bow, my friend. You had a terrific run. Congrats on a job well done!