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Charlotte McKinney

The win keeping coming, this time at home, Brewers win series opener against Padres 4-3 .

Everyone has an opinion, Vernon Wells Rips Carlos Gomez On Twitter .

Disciples of Uecker on Brewers Pitchers Avoiding Hard Contact .

First mock I’ve seen with the Packers trading down, Green Bay Packers Mock Draft 3.0: The Return of Trader Ted .

Obviously of interest to Packers fans, NFL Draft: Athletic College Tackles that Could Be Centers in the NF L.

Bucky’s 5th Quarter with a Senior Salute: Evan Anderson .

Madtown Badgers has Five Must-See Spring Events for Badger fans .

Never said they didn’t have talented teams, MU Sets Record for NBA Players for 3rd Straight Year; 5 of them play in Playoffs .

Interesting potential feud here, Bryce Harper accused of being concerned with preserving hitting streak .

That’s some dedication, Ultimate Star Trek Fan Turns Basement Into The Freaking Starship Enterprise!

I always get a kick out of these, 19 Photos Taken at the Exact Right Moment .

These are pretty interesting, No Lot Too Challenging: 13 Ingenious Odd-Shaped Houses .

Some good ones here, A few hilarious lost pet signs .

Well, something you don’t see every day, Two Bunnies Interrupted The Local News In Knoxville, Tennessee By Humping Like Rabbits On-Air .

It’s Possible – With the best chance to get the overall number one pick in the NBA Draft plus 3 second round picks the Bucks could be looking at a pretty good rebound next year. Now, I realize 2 nd round NBA Draft picks aren’t like 2 nd round NFL Draft picks but you can still get some talent there. Should the Bucks get the number one pick, get a solid high round player in the second round plus the continued growth of Giannis I’m thinking next year could be one of the quickest turn arounds for a team in a long time. Of course, that would be the best possible scenario not only for the fans but for the organization as well as they look to get funding for a new arena. Still a month or so away till the draft lottery though but for now I’m going with the odds that the Bucks get the overall number one & a cornerstone player that will help spark the resurgence next year.

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