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Seemed Like A Long Week – For the first time since 2000 the Wisconsin Badgers are in the Final Four. You just have to love the way that sounds. Last time the Badgers found themselves in the Final Four they lost but this time around I have a much higher level of confidence in the team. Winning won’t be easy though. Kentucky has so much length & ability in their young team that the Badgers are going to have to be gelling from the get go. Yes, the Badgers have come back from behind in the last two games to get to the Final Four & we may very well see that again on Saturday. I just don’t want to see them have to make up too much of a deficit in the last 20 minutes. While this week has been about enjoying having the Badgers in the Final Four, this weekend will be about being both incredibly amped & incredibly nervous both leading up to & while the game is going on. By now you’ve read pretty much everything on both teams, written by people smarter than me I’m sure, so you already know what Wisconsin will need to do win & advance. The Badgers I do believe have the ability to win this game, they’ll just need to have a near perfect effort to do so.

In addition to the Final Four we have our first full weekend of the baseball season & the Brewers out East visiting the Red Sox. That series will be a good diversion as we wait around till tip time on Saturday night. Thanks for reading this week & here’s hoping this coming Monday will be a Badgers National Championship game one, see you then. On Wisconsin!

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