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Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif)

St Patrick’s Day didn’t go well for the ‘Crew, All right, time to burn the green jerseys: White Sox 9, Brewers 0 .

The Brewers Bar on Spring Training Ejections: More Common Than You’d Think (I Thought “Never”) .

Badger of Honor takes Another Look at Wisconsin vs. American .

Anonymous Eagle with An Open Letter To UWM Fans .

Paint Touches on How the 2014 recruiting class can help Marquette .

76ers are pissing me off here, Unapologetic NBA Tanking / Draft Lottery Odds Update, Vol. 1 .

Ted Thompson making more moves, Green Bay Packers sign Letroy Guion .

And maybe yet another, Starks Reportedly Agrees to New Deal with Packers .

Don’t feel bad for them at all, Indiana Is Feeling Pretty Salty About Being Left Out Of The NCAA And NIT Tournaments .

Pretty much about right, Guy You Haven’t Talked to Since Fantasy Football Season Asks if You Want to be in His NCAA Tourney Pool .

Here we’re Examining The Potential of Five Popular Upset Picks .

I’ll take the asteroid, Are you more likely to get killed by an asteroid or post a perfect bracket? Find out .

Should be useful, Score! 5 Keys to Crushing Your March Madness Pool .

Exactly why I’ll never swim in an ocean, Scuba Diver Takes Incredible GoPro Footage of Shark Attacking Him in Coral Reef .

Definitely Into Next Weekend – One of the knocks on Bo Ryan has been that he can’t coach & get his teams very far in the NCAA Tournament. You just have to look to last year when the Badgers laid an egg against Ole Miss for a first game exit. I think this year that knock on Ryan will be even more so in the fore front as this is a very talented Wisconsin team. So how far would this UW team need to get to help dispel the belief that Ryan can’t coach on the big stage that is the NCAA Tournament? I’m thinking an Elite Eight appearance would & should be a reachable goal for this Wisconsin squad this year. I also think getting to that level would help quiet some of the Ryan naysayers as well. I’ve always been a firm proponent of Ryan and his ability to get the most out of his teams, usually teams with less talent than this one. This year the talent is there so it’s time for Ryan to get them ready for a run to at least the second weekend, if not beyond.

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