This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Swimsuit Rookies (While Not Wearing Swimsuits).


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Finishing strong, Juniors steal the show in Badgers Senior Night win over Purdue .

Good performance for the NFL hopeful, Wisconsin Pro Day 2014: Dezmen Southward shines .

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Braun’s been raking so far, Brewers back to .500 after 7-2 win over A’s .

Poor fella, Hank Listed as “Day to Day” with Minor Eye Ailment .

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This grade seems about right, Mike McCarthy Green Bay Packers 2013 Evaluation and Report Card .

Wouldn’t mind seeing him back, James Jones Leaves Door Open to Returning to Packers .

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Here are 18 Things Sports Fans Do But Won’t Admit .

This is just wrong, The Great Wall of China now has a designated graffiti area .

Of course this happened, Homer J. Simpson Has a Bone to Pick With Ellen Degeneres .

And this too, Ellen’s Famous Oscar Selfie In LEGO .

Spoiler alert! A ‘True Detective’ twist that even hardcore fans won’t see coming .

Two Horse Badger Race – When you look at the Badgers entering this year’s NFL Draft, I think pretty much every one of them have a reasonable chance of being drafted in April. Unless there’s a shocker like what happened with Travis Fredericks last year none of these Badgers will go in the first round though. You have to figure James White will go in the 4 th or 5 th rounds and then Dezmen Southward, Jacob Pedersen & Ryan Groy in the 6 th or more likely 7 th round. That leaves Abbrederis & Borland as your top two Badgers. Between those two I think it’s a horse a piece as to who gets picked first because as with every draft it depends on how the draft shakes out & any individual team’s need. As of right now I’d give the edge to Borland, penciling him in as a late 2 nd round pick & Abbrederis going in the 3 rd . Of course the next popular question is between those two, could either one end up as a Packers draft choice? If they each go where I think they will I don’t think so but if either one were to slip I would say that would increase the chance they could be a Packers pick. That scenario may be unlikely too though because as we all know, documented well by @JSComments , Ted Thompson hates the Badgers.

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