This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Swimsuit Rookies (While Not Wearing Swimsuits).


Lily Aldridge

This was alright till the late innings, Recap: Brewers 4, Athletics 6 .

What’s a day without a Hank link, Brewers new mascot dog Hank chews on Cubs toy .

Now this is important stuff, Brewers’ 2014 Sausage Race Predictions .

Just not a good year for MUBB, Twitter reactions to MU’s loss at Providence .

Sure would, National Championship would cement Bo Ryan’s Legacy .

Has been a wild season, Badgers Hoops: Wild Ride Of A Season Comes Full Circle .

Looking to tonight’s game,  Purdue vs. Wisconsin preview: Ryan’s philosophy steadies UW toward Senior Day .

No, no they aren’t, Bucks Lineup Stats Aren’t Too Inspiring .

With Shields most likely gone, I could get behind this pick, Like Randall Cobb, CB Justin Gilbert Provides Return Specialist Dilemma .

I could get behind this idea, Report: Packers to Pursue TE Garrett Graham in Free Agency .

To be really need to be told this? Sign at Baltimore Orioles spring training facility instructs fans not to drink toilet water .

Not even sure what to say about this, North Korea puts Yorkshire Terriers on display at the zoo .

This will be depressing if true, Did Last Night’s Episode Confirm Our Favorite ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale Theory?

People can be so dumb, 6 new contenders for the most outstanding comment ever left on a Facebook photo .

No Clear Cut Right Now – Last year, guessing around this time, when it came to the Packers draft I was firmly in the Eddie Lacy camp when it came to who the Packers should choose with their first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. As it would turn out the Packers still got Lacy but really, no one saw that happening, especially the way it did. This year however I really have no favorite or front runner as to who I want the Packers to pick. The Packers have problems at Safety, Inside Linebacker & Defensive Line. With the seemingly apparent departure of Sam Shields now Cornerback could also be a need too. What makes it interesting is when looking at who could be available at pick 21 there are potential impact players at each one of those spots. Therein lies the conundrum & perhaps that’s a good thing as the Packers should be able to get an immediate contributor to a problem position no matter how things fall. I guess the only thing I am sure about right now is I’d like to see pick 21 address one of those top three problem positions, I’m just not sure of who or what position at this time. I’m open to suggestions so if you have any, give me your thoughts in the comments.

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