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Kate Mara (Zoe Barnes – House of Cards)

Nice bounce back win here, Badgers overcome shooting woes in 69-58 win over Hoosiers .

More on the UW win, Indiana vs. Wisconsin recap: Remarkable second half spurs Badgers to victory .

This is interesting, Report: Junior Bridgeman approached in search for investors for new Bucks ownership group .

Disciples of Uecker on Managing Expanded Replay .

Reviewing the Brew with their Milwaukee Brewers’ 2014 Home Run Predictions .

Brew Crew Ball is Talking About Projecting the Outfield .

All Green Bay Packers on why The Packers should choose a different flavor of tight end .

I can agree with this statement, Getting to the Playoffs shouldn’t be good enough for the Green Bay Packers .

This was ill-concieved, Washed-Up Golfer Makes Worst Homophobic ‘Joke’ Of All Time About Michael Sam .

We’ll be seeing more & more of these as we go into next month, NCAA Tournament Bracket Projections .

This really doesn’t surprise me, Vikings have red flagged prospects because of their Twitter activity .

Yeah, this is ridiculous, Tim Lincecum trying to grow a mustache, the operative word being ‘trying’ .

Why is this even happening, The Unnecessary ‘Point Break’ Remake Has Its Johnny Utah .

Interesting concept here, A Guide to Smelling Like Your Favorite TV Show .

Early Dog Days – For a Spring Training which could’ve been sour with a focus on the return of Ryan Braun, the Brewers instead have what has amounted to the feel good story of MLB Spring Training in a pooch named Hank. Here’s a link if for some reason you’ve been living under a rock & don’t know the story yet but Hank really has been a stroke of luck, perhaps suspiciously so for the cynics out there, for the Brewers. I’ve had some conversations that amount to Hank being a plant, the mind child…er, puppy of someone in the Brewers PR department to diffuse attention away from Braun. Perhaps though the story that has been told is the real one, that the Brewers found this cute dog without a home & gave him one in the form of Maryvale ballpark. I’m going to believe that’s the case because it is a great story & no matter what, having Hank being the center piece story of the 2014 Brewers Spring Training has been genius because really, would you rather focus on the cute Brewers dog or the admitted Brewers cheat? I’ll take the cute dog any day.

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