This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Winter Olympians (Past US Edition).


Tanith Belbin – Ice Dancing – Toroni 2006, Vancouver 2010

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Both funny & mean but mostly funny, Father Of The Year Records 5 Minutes Of Middle School Kids Busting Their Asses On Ice .

Not Worth It For Anyone – It’s that time of year in the NFL off-season where teams can apply the Franchise Tag to players. As this applies to the Packers there are two players that this could apply to, BJ Raji & Sam Shields. I doubt we’ll see the tag used on either of these players or anyone else. For Raji, the Packers offered him an extension this past season which he turned down and then didn’t play up to what was offered. I’m fairly confident Thompson is ready to let Raji walk even though he has a habit of holding on to ‘his guys’, which Raji is being drafted in the first round by Ted. As for Shields, while he may be worth applying the tag to as he’s obviously the Packers best cornerback & a young player this one is price prohibitive.  The estimated tag price for a CB is around 11 million & that would just eat up way to much of the salary cap the Packers have, especially if the rumors of them being active in free agency are true. So I expect both these players to hit free agency. As much as I have found memories of Raji from 2010 I’m fine with him leaving but I do hope that the market is soft enough for Shields that the Packers can get him back on a deal both the team & Shields can be happy with.

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