This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Winter Olympians (US Edition).


Julia Mancuso – Alpine Skiing

This is more like it, Badgers Put Their Foot Down, Deny Minnesota 78-70 .

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Call me skeptical on this one right now, World to Spin Backwards, Packers Ted Thompson to Delve into Free Agency .

Cover 32 looks at The best running backs in Green Bay Packers history .

CHTV shows their Annual Pre-Combine Mock Draft Survey Has Packers Taking DL Louis Nix in Round One .

Such nice guys, New York Yankees Retirement Card for Derek Jeter .

I got dizzy just looking at this, Ski Jumping Is Terrifying, Terrifying Picture Confirms .

Here are A few ancillary ‘Game of Thrones’ notes that only hardcore fans will appreciate .

Another one on the way, The “Sharknado 2″ Cast List Sounds Even Crazier Than Before .

Something to help you get through your Friday, Here’s The Full Version Of The Hilarious Song Batman Sings In ‘The LEGO Movie’ .

Smells Like Hope   – Tomorrow the Brewers pitchers & catchers report to Maryvale to kick of Spring Training. It’s a beautiful thing. Sure, it’s still cold out & there’s snow on the ground but the day pitchers & catchers report to me always is a welcome indication that sooner, rather than later, temps will begin to warm & the Winter will come to an end. Next Friday the position players report & less than a full week after that is the first Spring Training game on February 27 th .  Sure, Spring Training games are just as ‘exciting’ as football preseason games but just like them we’ll pay attention as we ready ourselves for a new regular season. So keep your hopes up folks, the Brewers in Maryvale means Winter is on the downslide, Spring is coming & just as importantly baseball will be back.

Besides Winter Olympics watching this weekend, Marquette will be playing on Saturday & Wisconsin on Sunday so there’s something to look forward to each day. Mercifully the Bucks are off for the All-Star break so won’t have to worry about them spoiling anything, you know, by winning & jeopardizing draft lottery chances. Have a great weekend with some nominally warmer temps around these parts & we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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