This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Winter Olympians (International Edition).


Torah Bright – Snowboarding (Australia)

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Three In Contention, One Standing Out – Now that football season is officially over we can turn our attention to the upcoming combine, eventual draft & free agency.  Yes, as fans of a team run by Ted Thompson thinking anything will happen in free agency may very well be fool’s errand but hey, you never know. As has been the trend of recent years, the Packers biggest needs are on the defensive side of the ball. Safety, D-line & Linebacker are all suspect positions for the Packers. Looking at those three areas, I’m going to toss out D-line as I think with another year Datone Jones & Mike Daniels will be better & while I don’t see BJ Raji being back I bet Jolly (if medically cleared) & Pickett are, if only to serve as stop gaps so the other areas can be addressed.  So that leaves safety & inside linebacker with the safety position as the obvious choice for biggest need here. Since Nick Collins’ unfortunate departure, the Packers safety position has been wanting to say the least.

To solve that problem, Thompson will have to act out of character in way or another.  When it comes to the draft, Clinton-Dix & Pryor could both be first year starters & good running mates for Burnett but I question whether either one will be there with pick 21 in April, which would mean Thompson having to trade up, most likely losing some of his precious draft picks to do so. The other avenue is Free Agency, where the cream of the crop are Jarius Byrd & TJ Ward but again, Free Agency is something Thompson avoids like the plague. Thompson will need to address the position, if he doesn’t the job he’s doing should be called into question, but for him to do so it’ll mean entering waters he’s not comfortable with. The best case scenario would be for Thompson to bring in either Byrd or Ward as a free agent signing as he could then address one of the other positions with his first round pick. Seems like a logical, smart plan which of course means it’ll never, ever happen that way.

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