This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is 2014 Oscar Nominated.


Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle)

Reported as a done deal but not so fast, Brewers not confirming deal with Matt Garza, say talks are ongoing .

Reviewing the Brew on Rickie Weeks: The Brewers’ Odd Man Out .

Time to get back on track here, Wisconsin Badgers Basketball: It’s Now or Never for Bo Ryan’s Squad .

Don’t have to worry about a 1 seed right now,  Badger Bracketology: Wisconsin in March Madness III .

Bucksketball with why Miroslav Raduljica isn’t helpless .

Paint Touches on Why Todd Mayo is what the MU offense needs .

Some decisions to make here, Packers Offseason Review: Jermichael Finley and Andrew Quarless to be Free Agents .

This won’t be pretty, Jerron McMillian 2013 Green Bay Packers Evaluation and Report Card .

Suuuure it was, Yankees Insist Masahiro Tanaka Saying: “When do I get your Yankee steroids?” Was Just a Translation Error .

Follow up from one of yesterday’s links, Deaf Seahawks FB Derrick Coleman responds to hearing impaired girl’s letter .

Oops… Seahawks fan accidentally set wedding date for Super Bowl Sunday .

As well they should, Justin Bieber’s NFL Neighbors Tweet Their Approval Of DUI Arrest .

The Love Boat it ain’t, A Ghost Ship Full of Cannibal Rats .

Always worth the time, ‘The Daily Show’ Gave Out Awards For ‘Breaking Down Racial Barriers That Nobody Was Asked To Break’ .

Close But No Cigar – It’s the weekend of the Pro Bowl where a lot of us will gather around the TV & watch what looks like football but is worse than a pre-season game. I find it a little amusing that the NFL schedules it’s most meaningless game the weekend before it’s most important one but we’re a football obsessed country so we’ll end up tuning in anyway.  At least it’ll be one last opportunity to see Eddie Lacy get some carries before the long off-season kicks off after next weekend.

If sporting events that actually matter to you are more your thing Saturday you’ll have both Marquette & Wisconsin on followed by the Bucks in the evening although that game is debatable as to mattering or not. Enjoy the weekend and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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