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May As Well Think To The Future – As we approach the midway point in the Bucks season, the only thing to really do is look past this season of futility & towards the NBA draft. Sure, we’re roughly 6 months from that draft but hey, we have to focus on the one positive from this perpetually losing season which should result in a very high draft pick for the Bucks.  At the start of the college season the de facto best player available was of course Andrew Wiggins from Kansas. Now that we’re further into the college season names like Jabari Parker from Duke, Joel Embiid from Kansas & Australian Dante Exum all have been rising on NBA Draft boards. You have to figure the Bucks will end up with a Top 3 pick at this point and very possibly the first one.  Should the Bucks get that first pick I’m torn between Parker & Embiid for them. The big question here is if the pick is the Kansas Center Embiid what do the Bucks do with current Center Larry Sanders? Luckily that’s not my problem to figure out but the talent & upside of Embiid may be too much to pass up on for the Bucks if he keeps playing the way he is. Luckily, this is a very strong draft class this year so whether it’s Embiid, Wiggins or Parker the Bucks will be getting a quality player which should be able to contribute to a hopeful turnaround from the get go.

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