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If I Have To Pick One – This Sunday is the NFL Championship Sunday, determining who will be playing in Super Bowl XLVII. As Packers fans we’re in somewhat of a bind when it comes to the NFC game as to who to root for. We’ve got one team who is infamous in our minds for the ‘Hail Mary’ debacle & another which simply seems to have the Packers’ number of late & has ousted them from the playoffs two years in a row. I guess for me, if I have to choose between the 49ers & Seahawks I have to go with the Seahawks as the one to root for. My reasoning is three fold in this decision:

  1. The Hail Mary is two years gone now & while I never appreciated the disillusionment of the Seahawks in thinking it was a catch, technically that fiasco wasn’t of their doing
  2. Russell Wilson is a former Badger
  3. No way in hell I’m rooting for a team which has kicked the Packers out of the playoffs twice now & the antics of Kaepernick last weekend really soured him on me

So there you are, I guess it’s ‘Go Seahawks’ this Sunday. On the AFC side I’ll be behind the Broncos because I’m not sure I can stomach seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl again. Yes, a large part of that is purely jealousy based on the team & organization’s consistent success for so long.

Before the football action on Sunday we’ll have Marquette hoops early in the day & the Badgers hoping to bounce back from their first season loss against Michigan afterwards.  Have a great weekend everyone & we’ll see you back her on Monday morning.

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  • Tom from Germany

    Well, I for two will be rooting for Seattle. I just cannot stand the 9ers, and I don’t like their Quarterback’s face. I am also upset that they keep bumping us out of the playoffs. I think Seattle will win. Let’s hope so.