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Greener Pastures May Await – The Packers had reportedly offered Raji an $8 million a year extension during the season which he then turned down. Many, myself included, after seeing Raji play in the second half of the season were glad to see him not take that extension as he didn’t seem worth that money.  That may still be true but maybe it’s a product of what the Packers are asking Raji to do versus what he is capable of. For a guy of his size, Raji is an athletic & quick player but the role the Packers have him at may not be suited to his skill set so perhaps it may be time for both parties to part ways. A big, perhaps the biggest, factor will be what Raji will command in free agency. I can see a 4-3 defensive team offering Raji a good chunk of change, a chunk of change the Packers may not be willing to meet not to mention switching to an alignment where Raji will have more opportunities. As much as I like Raji & have fond memories of him from the 2010 NFC Championship Game the time may have come to let the former first round pick find another team, one that’s better suited to his ability & allow the Packers to fit in a player more suited to their needs. Whether that player to be named can play as well as Raji, mistype casted as he may well have been, will of course have to wait until next September.

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