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Stranger Things Have Happened – We all know that Ted Thompson things the acquiring players via free agency is a mortal sin. Issue here though is there are just way too many holes, especially on the defensive side of the ball, to fill them via just the draft.  The Packers have legitimate needs at safety, inside linebacker & the defensive line. Now, depending on what happens with Raji & Jolly the d-line may be OK or at least serviceable. That leaves ILB & Safety, which I see a better chance of filling the ILB spot in the draft than I do safety, perhaps CJ Mosley as I don’t see Clinton-Dix still around when the Packers pick. Should things fall that way, that means the gaping hole as safety still needs attention & someone like Jarius Byrd would fill that need nicely.  Will that happen? Knowing how Thompson likes to operate most likely not but maybe, just perhaps this once, Ted will look to a different avenue to stock up this team that I think is only a couple defensive players from getting deep into the playoffs next year.

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