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Charlize Theron

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Combination Blame – The Packers defense this year was less than stellar. Many, including myself at times, firmly placed the blame on defensive coordinator Dom Capers. As cliché as it sounds it almost seems like the game has passed Capers by as he trots out the same predictable alignments game after game. While there may be some onus on Capers for his defensive play calling blame also has to be sent towards Packers GM Ted Thompson who simply didn’t give Capers the best players to work with. We see it season after season with Thompson in that he constantly & stubbornly will not sign free agents & sticks with the players he’s drafted. The problem here is that while Thompson has had some great hits in the draft, he’s had some misses too & he steadfastly refuses to replace those misses with players outside of the team. Sure, I understand there were key injuries this past season too & that doesn’t help but that too then goes on Thompson for not having serviceable back-ups in place. Whether or not Capers keeps his job is yet to be determined (I think he sticks around) but no matter what Thompson needs to do a better job of putting higher performing defensive players on the field, even if that means through free agency.

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  • Weasel

    Hard to play at a constant high level when you are having to plug in subpar players. He deserves to stay, and Ted needs to deliver more athletic players.

  • Sportspack

    Smell the coffee, we will continue to have a half way decent team as long as Rodgers is around. Thompson and McCarthy will ride him like a rented mule until he is done, and than slip out of town. The chances of winning another Superbowl in the next few years is slim and none.