The Packers season is over, and with it Packers Therapy will be shuttering its doors until August when the preseason rolls around. To send the boys into hibernation, Chris and Dave lament GB’s missed opportunities against the Niners, discuss what they’d do with the Packers crop of free agents, and close with a few comments on current movies.


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  • Carl

    Guys; Thanks for another year of Packers therapy!

  • Christopher G Richards

    You are entirely welcome. Thanks for listening.

  • Daniel

    Thanks for this year. Safe to say, have needed the therapy this year after some of the games we’ve seen! Anyway, looking forward to another season. I’ll be listening again. Been listening for a few years, managed to survive through the stress of the website move last year (thought we’d lost you at one point!). Like I said, appreciate the effort you guys put in. Would love an email address to keep in touch with you guys, if possible?

    • Chris

      Thanks for being in touch, Daniel. We are grateful for your support and are glad you have enjoyed the show over the years.

      If you want to keep in touch during the off-season, try us at I think that should work. If not, let me know.

  • Steve from Seattle

    A nice year of podcasts. Thanks, but … I’d like to put in a word for Jon Kuhn and Evan Dietrich Smith. Why do you pay people more than the minimum? Because they bring you something of significant value. Jon Kuhn allows you to play rookie offensive linemen without getting your $100+ million dollar quarterback killed. He allowed Rodgers to make a great play against Chicago, but more importantly he kept Peppers from planting Rodgers deep in the Chicago turf. Something our left tackle would never in a million years be able to achieve.

    Kuhn and Smith keep Rodgers upright despite every attempt our tackles make to get him killed. Do I wish Smith was better in the run game? Yes off course, but I don’t see Ryan Kalil walking through the door as a replacement.

    Kuhn and Smith are worth more to the Packers than they are to anyone else. Sign them and keep Rodgers alive.

  • Christopher G Richards

    I agree on EDS, but not on Kuhn. No doubt he made a great play v CHI, but he’s not an every down player and he is 31. Just not worth bringing back for more than the vet minimum.

    Thanks, Steve, for listening and your support over the years.

  • Adam

    Thanks guys for another great PT year. I’ve been listening for 4 or 5 years. Always a great show.

    Personally, I think the Packers will be the team to beat in the NFC next year. It’s the first time I’ve believed that in years.
    I think this will be true primarily because many of the young defensive players will blossom into solid contributors. People have indicated that, after a full off-season in the weight room, Mike Daniels is going to be very tough to stop. I think a healthy Perry is going to be disruptive. Not sure about Datone Jones. Might take him another year to figure out the position. Matthews will presumably be healed, and Hayward will be back. Hopefully, they re-sign Shields, keep Williams, and draft a top safety in the first round, and a corner in the second. Oh, and BTW, I think Mulumba will eventually become a star.

    This year’s draft will feature an incredibly large and talented group of receivers, most of them recently declared underclassmen. This will certainly impact the James Jones situation.

    • Chris

      Glad you enjoyed listening is season, Adam. Dave and i are grateful for your support over the years.

      I wish I shared your optimism about the future of the defense. The one playmaker they have — 52 — has a hard time staying on the field. Hayward will be nice to have back, but I have to wonder about the soundness of that hammy going forward. Shields might be tough to resign, and Williams will be another year older. The situation at safety is bleak, but moving Hyde there should help. I don’t see “star” for Mulumba — seems more like a career reserve and special teamer to me.

      Ted and his playmates will have their work cut out for them this off-season.

  • Rusty Weise

    Hi guys,
    Thanks again for yet another resounding success this season. You’ve established yourselves as a don’t-miss podcast for tens of Green Bay Packer fans, both here and abroad. (Of course, I’m kidding, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that there are boatloads of us downloading PT.)

    I have to admit that this last show is my kind of discussion. The last couple years, I’ve turned the off-season into my own personal study of potential roster moves, especially the draft. I’m sure my own compulsive/obsessive condition had little to do with it, it’s merely an all-encompassing past time.

    One theory I’ve embraced lately is the “make hay when the stars are cheap” theory. It’s basically a short-lived period of time when a team is lucky enough to have a few star players playing on their first (or second, but still rather inexpensive) contracts. This was the case when the Packers won it all in 2010, with a young Rodgers & Matthews, and some key contributing youngsters like Shields, Bulaga, Nelson, Quarless, Crabtree, Sitton, and Raji. As it happens, this phenomenon is currently occurring for the 49′rs (Kaepernick) and Seahawks (Russell Wilson). (This gives me some comfort as those teams start paying guys on their next contracts and need to cut salary elsewhere.)

    As I consider the Packers free agents, I keep this theory firmly in mind when deciding who they should re-sign or not.

    B.J Raji: I believe the money Raji commands is too high. They currently have a budding star in Mike Daniels, fortunately playing on his first contract. Throw in Datone Jones, Josh Boyd, John Jolly, Jerel Worthy, (they can’t yet give up hope on a 2nd rounder), a probable draft pick, and Raji can go with little impact.
    Johnny Jolly: The cheap contract theory sort of applies here. You addressed it well on the podcast; there are important reasons for Jolly to be re-signed. I’d also add another; it’s the best thing for Jolly’s health and well-being. This team is the ultimate support system, and moreover, an important family that Jolly needs. Heck, if his injury is too serious, I think they should give him a job in equipment room, weight room, whatever. There’s too much love to just let him go.
    C.J. Wilson: I’d only re-sign him to try him out in training camp. I doubt he’d make the final cut, anyway. If he gets a bite elsewhere, that’s probably best for him.
    Ryan Pickett: Ask him if he’d go for a 1 year, vets minimum contract. Nose guard might be needed if Boyd isn’t that kind of lineman.
    Mike Neal: Here’s where the “make hay/cheap contract” applies again. Let Neal go find his payday elsewhere. Nick Perry’s the other guy, and they’ll return Andy Mulumba & Nick Palmer. BTW, remember who played this position in the Super Bowl? ZOMBO!
    Robert Francois: What you said in the podcast.
    Jamari Lattimore: Ditto
    Sam Shields: Okay, here’s where I ignore my premise. He’ll be expensive, he’s got an agent who’ll make it a painful negotiation, and he’s too good to let go. I say we look at him this way; this is the same as picking up Charles Woodson from Oakland, we just don’t have to go out of house to get him.
    M.D. Jennings: There could be a minor fan revolt if they bring him back. And they might.
    EDS: I’m not sure what will happen here. They probably need to re-sign him. Personally, I wanted Ted Thompson to draft the center from Cal last draft, then they’d be set. They still might be if JC Tretter had played/practiced all season.
    James Jones: Got a young player on his first contract; Jarrett Boykin. Also still looking at Chris Harper, Myles White & Kevin Dorsey. Young guys, cheap contracts. We all like James Jones a lot and hope he finds a good team and good pay.
    Jermichel Finley: I don’t think it’s going to happen. I also don’t think the Packers are set up to effectively replace him. But they probably will have to do just that.
    Andrew Quarless: He knows the system, and that can’t be underrated. I don’t think he’d cost very much, either. Probably falls under the “2nd, not too expensive contract” category. If Quarless gets a better offer, so be it. Bulk up Bostick.
    James Starks: Young guys, cheap contracts push Starks out. I really want to see DuJuan Harris in this offense, and they need to see what Jonathon Franklin can do. I think he could impress more than some fans think.
    John Kuhn: This is the toughest choice. I’ll leave it at that.
    Matt Flynn: I honestly think it comes down to the limited roster space and development of Scott Tolzien. If Tolzien makes progress and gets command of the system, then it could be another reluctant goodbye. And ask yourself this: can they afford to use a roster spot on a 3rd QB, or is the risk of losing Rodgers again too great? It’s a gamble either way.
    Seneca Wallace: No longer required. Kind of liked how Rodgers called him “Sen” though.
    Kahlil Bell: Was a stop-gap, and that gap is gone.
    Marshall Newhouse: I could, and probably should, throw out some real snark here, but it’s just obvious. Between Derek Sherrod (who needs to show where he’s at) & Don Barclay and Newhouse’s abysmal play, there’s not a chance.

    Well, that took me entirely too long, now didn’t it? So bottom line, the young guys the Packers have make it easier to let go of James Jones, James Starks, B.J. Raji and Mike Neal. Letting them go may help to pay for Sam Shields and EDS. Aaaaaannd, maybe, perhaps John Kuhn. Those to keep on the cheap are Jolly, Francois, Lattimore, Quarless and perhaps Pickett for 1 year, Flynn if they have the roster spot, and God help us, MD Jennings for special teams and dire, catastrophic, emergency help at safety.

    Well, guys, have a great off-season. I’ll be tweeting, maybe I’ll drop a draft wish list email on you. I predicted Datone Jones to the Packers last year, for better or for worse, so I’m eager to study, assess and hope for the best, as we all do.
    Thanks, Chris and Dave, have a great spring and summer, and I’m looking forward to next season!
    Rusty Weise

  • Chris

    This would have been a great post even if you had stopped after unloading that “tens of Packers fans, both here and abroad” blast. LOLed at that one. The truth is we do have several thousand downloaders…but your estimate of actual “listeners” is probably closer to the mark. But that handful is so kind and so loyal it keeps us going.

    Thanks, Rusty, for your support and for sharing your thoughts here. I spend more time than I probably should thinking about this stuff — between this and the contemplating the Brewers roster, it’s how I get my mind to rest enough so I can sleep. While dealing with these 17 guys is an issue for TT, one that will be fascinating to see how it plays out, it sure beats thinking about real world problems. But isn’t that really why we are sports fans anyway?

    Be in touch whenever the mood strikes you. It is always good to hear from you and all of those who have been good enough to listen to Dave and me over the years.

  • Scott

    With a full off-season of no podcasts you guys can get back to writing quality Yelp reviews. Start with McDonald’s and by the time you get to Hom Wood Fired Grill it’ll be Packer season again.

    • Chris

      Beautiful, man!