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Payback Weekend – If there’s one team which has definitely had the Packers number of late it’s the 49ers.  Last year we experienced two losses to them & so far this year one more.  I’m thinking it’s time for that streak to end & what better place for it to happen than in Lambeau on Sunday. This won’t be an easy game by any stretch of the imagination but as good as the 49ers are, they have proven this year to not be quite invincible & I think the Packers are capable of beating them.  There’s no way the Packers defense will be able to fully shut them down or anything, but the offense with Aaron Rodgers back I think can keep pace and put more on the scoreboard.  I would expect this to be a close game no matter how it come out however I’m feeling pretty good that when it does end, the Packers will be advancing & getting a little payback for the 49ers showing them the exit in the playoffs last year.

Also this weekend the Bucks, Golden Eagles & Badgers will be in action so that will give you something to watch besides playoff football if so inclined.  Have a great weekend & we’ll see you back here for what will hopefully be a Wildcard Victory Monday.

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