An 8-7-1 season has some Packers fans chagrined, but not Chris and Dave. Our Packers Therapists are juiced about the amazing ride the 2013 season has been. The fellas look ahead to the playoff game, but don’t let the dire outlook kill the buzz of an exciting, come from behind win over the dreaded ancestral foe to the south.


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  • Todd Pierzina

    Discovered you guys this season and have really enjoyed every podcast. I live in the Chicago area, so I appreciated your tip to find the Score podcasts, listen and giggle. We had about 20 Bears fans over to watch the game with us Sunday. Priceless.

    Re: pop culture: I agree with you guys on Grisham, and got Sycamore Row from my library a few weeks ago. Did not love it. Be curious to see what you thought of the resolution, but I won’t post any spoilers here.

    Looking forward to next week’s game and podcast–hope it won’t be the last one this season!

  • Rusty Weise

    Hi guys, only one comment about the last show. During your discussion of Aaron Rodgers’ return, it was a little disconcerting to repeatedly hear my name. I was interested, as were most Packer fans, in how well Aaron Rodgers would play after considerable time off. By the way, I thought he was close to his normal level of play, but even a little inaccuracy seems abnormal for Rodgers. It’s understandable whether or not Rodgers would immediately hit his stride would be a subject of conversation. Perhaps, though, some alternate adjectives or descriptions could be used instead of hitting the same note over and over. Maybe “sub-par”, “off”, “not up to speed”, “still getting acclimated”, “out of practice”, “not quite himself”, “finding his game” or similar descriptors could be applied. I guess once you settle on one term, it’s only natural to refer to it repeatedly. But, geez guys, my head was bobbling and swiveling as Dave must have referred to me 5 times in a half-minute. I was relieved when you eventually moved on and I was no longer involved.

    As usual, I enjoy the podcast and appreciate the opportunity to send a few words your way, and your kindness to acknowledge us. Hoping for a reckoning with the 49′rs and a top-of-his-game performance from Aaron Rodgers this weekend, so we no loner need to discuss if he’s still a little, well,…


  • Christopher G Richards

    Sorry we got in a Rusty Rut. I hope we don’t need to reference you again this week, my friend. That for listen. Glad you continue to enjoy the podcast.

  • Mike Mackowski

    Post game Sunday:

    Well, we kept it close, and considering the injuries today and slow start in the first quarter, we should be happy we didn’t get blown out. SF is a very good team and we held them close until the end, and had another late comeback to tie.

    Maybe I had low expectations today – with all the adversity and the problems on defense, we knew it would be tough to stop the 49ers. But we almost did it. And when it’s that close its disappointing we couldn’t pull it out. But the result was not shocking. Maybe shocking how close it was. And when you get close, you want to win.

    We let Kapernick run all over us again. Maybe because of the inexperienced defensive players letting him get away. I think they kept containment most of the game – you could see they were trying to do that but it didn’t always work.

    I think the future is good for Green Bay. With people healthy next fall, they will be competitive for a long time. Fix up a few positions (safety, offensive tackle) and we’ll be okay. It was an entertaining season.

    Lots of drama. More drama today.

    Thanks for the podcasts. Always enjoy them.

    Mike Mackowski