It was ultimately a meaningless game, so its fitting that Chris and Dave recorded yet another meaningless podcast to celebrate it. The boys never like it when the Packers lose, but were nonetheless fully entertained by the see-saw 38-31 loss to the Steelers. The fellas examine the ethics of Aaron Rodgers playing even if still hurt and look ahead to the game at Soldier Field this Sunday that will decide the NFC North.


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  • Jack

    What an ending! They broke Aarons collarbone, so he broke their hearts. After such a grueling, frustrating and dissapointing season we could not have wished for a better ending, than to crush the Bears playoff hopes at soldier field in the dying seconds. You never know what can happen in the playoffs, so Go! Pack! Go!

    All the best,

    Jack from Australia.

  • Mike Mackowski

    I have not seen an ending like that in a Packers game in quite some time. Third come from behind win in a row for this team, and such a dramatic finish in a really meaningful game. Awesome.

    So, it’s a nice story to win the division after all the adversity this season, but how far can this team go? Guys are still beat up (Lacy’s nagging ankle problem is a concern), and the defense continues to make mistakes. But we have Rodgers and Cobb back so all bets are off. I heard it said that Aaron Rodgers is the MVP for the defense, and I think that showed today.

    • Chris

      While I was able to get to Jack’s comment on the podcast, yours, Mike, came in after we finished up, so I will reply here.

      It is a nice story to win the division after all the adversity, something we noted in the podcast. While I don’t think they can go far in the playoffs, that is almost besides the point for me. The real story is how they were able to find a way to beat the hated Bear and extend their season one more game, and to do so in such remarkable fashion.

      I don’t disagree about Rodgers being the defensive MVP — he makes every part of the team better. He’s just that good. If I didn’t know it before, I certainly have found out over the past two months.

      Thanks, guys, for being in touch. Your support for the podcast is greatly appreciated.