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Syd Wilder

Sucks about Jolly but hopeful for Rodgers, Packers Injury Report: Johnny Jolly Ruled Out, Aaron Rodgers Looks “Sharp” .

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Understandable, Report: Several NBA Teams Interested in Trading for Just Not Any Knicks .

As well he should, John Madden rips Dez Bryant for leaving field early .

Only way to drink as far as I’m concerened, 18 Reasons Why Black Coffee Is The Best .

Some useful stuff here, A few simple tips to help your food last longer .

Where do you fit in here, Stereotyping You by Your Favorite TV Show of 2013 .

The best, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen Continue To Win Twitter, Also Christmas .

Will He Or Won’t He – We should have a better idea later today whether or not Aaron Rodgers will be leading the Packers as they take on the Steelers in another do or die game on Sunday. We all know Rodgers wants to be out there but it’s not up to him so it all rests on the medical opinion of Dr. Patrick McKenzie.  Whether it’s Rodgers or Flynn under Center come Sunday, one thing that looks to be certain is it could be a pretty interesting game as the early forecast are calling for a good amount of snow in Green Bay. That forecast makes me all the more happy the Packers have a bona fide running game this year in Eddie Lacy, especially if it will end up be Flynn starting.

While we wait for the Packers to take the field on Sunday, the Bucks will be in action both tonight & Saturday as well as Marquette hoops Saturday evening in Las Vegas against New Mexico in the MGM Grand Showcase. Enjoy the weekend, keep your fingers crossed for positive news about Rodgers and we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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