A giddy Chris and Dave are enjoying the moment, not asking too many questions in the wake of the Packers comeback win over the Cowboys in Dallas. The guys come to simple realization: Regardless of how the season goes from here, this one was fun and should be celebrated for what it is.


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  • Mike Mackowski

    We were on the road Sunday, making a visit to Sedona so were not able to follow the Packers game. I watched the highlights Sunday evening and wow – what a remarkable game. But I was able to listen to most of the Cardinals-TItans game. I had to turn it off after the fourth quarter pick-six gave Arizona a 17 point lead with six minutes left in the game. Later I almost fell over when I heard they won in OVERTIME. So here is another reminder that in the NFL, it’s not over until it’s over.

    Looking forward to the podcast.

    Mike M.

  • Mike Mackowski

    At least they made it interesting.

    Can’t blame coaching for disappointing season. Players need to make plays.

  • Mike Mackowski

    OK – today I went to the local Packers bar and watched the game vs Pittsburgh. What a crazy back and forth game. With lots of strange plays. The media were predicting a close game and we got it. So three weeks in row, a wild fourth quarter and the deciding points very late in the game. Entertaining if nothing else.

    You have to give the Pack some credit for not giving up. Guys like Hawk and Lacy and Starks and Hyde just keep fighting. But too many guys made stupid mistakes. I’m talking about TJ Lang, the Flynn/Quarless collision, the bad tackling (I’m talking about you, MD Jennings), letting the Steelers get away with a fake punt, etc.

    And it is so difficult to overcome injuries. Today we lose Mathews and Lacy and a couple others I think. Too many other starters were lost and the fact that we got so close is encouraging.

    Even if we don’t make the playoffs, I think the team has a positive future. Let people get healthy and the last month or so was a good way to see how good the back-ups are.

    Go Eagles! And I need to mention I am a U of Arizona alumni and get down to Tucson for at least one game a year. We loved watching Nick Foles there and will be cheering for him tonight.

  • Mike Mackowski

    Oh yea, the bad penalties – Nick Perry’s offside on the FG, and BJ Raji’s personal foul.

  • Mike Mackowski

    Eagles bear Bears, badly.

    What is good for GB is that the Bears can be really really bad. But so can the Packers. Who shows up next week?

    Second, it’s all about the drama. Today’s loss was just part of the season long drama. Ups and downs and set backs and triumphs. If nothing else, it has been entertaining. The NFL, as a product, has an awesome product that produces the best drama in sports.