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Who’s Next On The Wish List – The MLB Winter Meetings wrap up today & so far the Brewers still don’t have a first baseman locked up. The Brewers first choice, Corey Hart, went and signed with the Mariners yesterday afternoon & then not soon thereafter another possible target in Logan Morrison from Florida was traded to…you guessed it, the Mariners as well.  So, what now?  Previously the Brewers were linked to Ike Davis from the Mets but supposedly the Mets wanted too much in the way of young pitching, namely Tyler Thornburg who Doug Melvin didn’t want to offer up. James Loney is available however with Hart & Morrison out of the picture the price tag on him may be too high now for the Brewers. So we’ll have to wait and see what happens here. Will the Brewers pony up the cash for Loney, Doug Melvin decided he can part for Thornburg for Davis or some other player emerges that the Brewers can get to man first base. No matter what though, the first base ‘problem’ will need to be solved & sometime soon as it would appear the players for the position are disappearing quickly.

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