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We Want Him Back, But… – So with the Packers still have a chance to make the post-season. Sure, they’ll need some help in the way of at least one more Lions’ loss but the chance is still there. Headed into Dallas this week, obviously the Packers chance of getting out of there with a win is much better with Rodgers at the helm but what if it’s still too soon for him to come back? It’s well known Rodgers wants to get back out there on the field and I’m sure he’s lobbying to whomever will listen to let him. If Rodgers is healthy and is cleared medically that’ll be great, my only concern is would McCarthy and the medical staff do that if he’s not 100%? Look at last year & the situation with RGIII. Shanahan let Griffin play when he clearly wasn’t 100% and he re-injured himself worse than originally & that is still affecting Griffin’s play this year. I’d like to think McCarthy and staff are smarter than allowing Rodgers to return if he’s not all the way ready and not be swayed by the desire to win or even Rodgers himself. As fans we may not like to hear that as we want to see the team win, but for the long term if holding Rodgers out, even if it means the end of this season, it’s the right thing to do.

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