After a week away, Chris and Dave return with a long look (are there any other kind of looks from these guys?) at the Packers narrow win over the Falcons. Some blood is spilled about the back-up QB situation, but all in all the boys express a lot of relief about the Packers getting back in win column.


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  • Jack

    Hey guys,

    What the *insert swear word* did i just watch?

    What a game from Lacy. His running on that final drive was unbelievable. Football may not be his first love, but i’d hate to see how good he is at whatever he places more importance on. He ran like a monster today and carried the team.

    I was sitting in a hostel in Munich at 2am in my bed watching on a stream and silently screaming and pumping my fists.

    Cheers for the Podcasts guys, makes the long bus/train trips around europe a lot more bearable.



  • Chris

    Thanks for checking in from Germany, Jack. You paint a cool picture, streaming the game from the hostel bed — very cool! When I was doing the hostel thing over there 32 years ago, we had to wait for the final score to be printed in the International Herald Tribune a few days after the game was played! Thank God for modern technology!

    A new podcast should be posted later today, so check back in a few hours. Glad we can be your companion as you journey around Europe.