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I Was Close On My Prediction – Back in August I predicted the Badgers football team would finish with a record of 10-2 & damn it, I should’ve been right. While I didn’t pick the ASU loss because really, who would’ve, I was correct in the OSU one which was a no brainer & then also said I was concerned with Penn State which unfortunately became a self-fulfilling prophecy.  So the Badgers finished at 9-3 which I’m not entirely disappointed in, especially with a new head coach & staff leading the team.  The Badgers are most likely looking at the Capital One Bowl again which isn’t necessarily a horrible thing & at least we get to see them out on the field one last time. I am hopeful for the future of this team & program though under Gary Andersen.  Andersen is a solid coach (last weekend’s game notwithstanding) & from all indications an incredible recruiter. My biggest question for next year will be at QB because as much as I like Joel Stave, he’s just too inconsistent for my likes & coming in next year is a 4-star dual-threat QB named D. J. Gillins. It may be a reach to think a true freshman could be starting next year under center, but for the time being it makes for some interesting speculation.  All in all, while it was a disappointing final regular season game, I’d still call this first year of Gary Andersen’s tenure a success and look forward for more to come.

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