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This is some welcome news even with Rodgers till out for tomorrow, Rodgers, Shields, Barclay, Jolly back at practice .

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Just like Tin Cup! Bubba Watson shot an 81 at a course in October while using only one club .

It really is a shame, RGIII Disappointed in Opposing NFL Teams for Not Letting Him Showcase His Talents .

This is pretty much spot on, Thanksgiving As A Kid vs Thanksgiving As An Adult .

I can recall a holiday or two running a foul of these 9 Thanksgiving Games (And The Hazards That Come With Them) .

I’m on board with all of these 27 Indisputable Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats .

Yes, yes it is, Little boy’s Thanksgiving list of things he’s grateful for this year is terrifying .

Season Making Game – Before the potatoes get mashed & the turkey carved tomorrow the Packers will be taking on the Lions in what may very well decide the post-season for Green Bay.  The presumed starter will be Matt Flynn, who engineered a great come back this past Sunday to get the non-loss against the Vikings. Flynn earned the right to start & as much as I supported Tolzien, Flynn most likely gives the Packers the best chance to win based on his experience & familiarity with the offense. We all recall fondly the last time Flynn took on the Lions & here’s hoping we get something similar on Thanksgiving because I think we’ll need it based on what we’ve seen from the Packers defense of late. Generally I have a feeling one way or the other about the outcome of a game but this time around I’m really on the fence & believe it could go either way. No matter how it ends though, the outcome may pretty much decide whether or not the Packers’ post-season plans are alive or not.

The Daybreak Doppler will be taking off tomorrow & Friday for Thanksgiving & travels to spend the holiday with family.  I hope you all have the same opportunity & a wonderful Thanksgiving as well. Enjoy the games & we’ll see you back here next Monday morning.

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