To get in the proper frame of mind to discuss the Packers/Vikings tie, Chris and Dave both kissed their sisters prior to recording Episode 224. The show itself was even more disquieting than that, as Chris flips out when Dave questions the play calling in overtime. Composure restored, the boys assess the GB injury situation and look ahead to Thanksgiving in Detroit.


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  • Mike Mackowski

    Early third qtr vs Detroit. Shields just picked off Megatron the in EZ but this game is really hard to watch. Is this team really this bad?

    Thanks for the data (last week) showing a third of our starters are out from September. Is that it, and the loss of Rodgers? Or were were just playing bad teams early on? Dunno, we beat Ravens.

  • Mike Mackowski

    Maybe we met teams earlier when they were down. A lot of the defensive players just seem “average”. MD Jennings, House, Neal, etc. Not enough really good players and too many players (of both the good and average type) are playing hurt. And today the O line is really beat up and Detroit has a good D line so it would have been a tough day in any event.

  • Jack

    Hey guys, sorry i haven’t been in touch recently, i am currently in China. That game was horrible, may be the worst Packer game i have ever seen. When Flynn got sacked for the safety i immediately starting thinking about the draft. Every cloud has a silver lining and to me, now there is no point rushing Rodgers back. The season is essentially over (not statistically), because the defense is horrendous. When they loaded the box and Bush ran it down to the one, i started pulling my hair out. Time to tank in my opinion, we are in a position to finally get multiple blue chip players in 1 draft.

    It’s time to replace Hawk/Jones. They need someone dynamic at the ILB position. In regards to the rest of the team, some new DB blood would be helpful, especially at safety. I have faith that the Oline will be better next year because of the players returning from injury, but it really is time to put up of shut up.

    Obviously with Finley being injured TE is a priority but also a deep threat WR to properly replace Jennings. A few space eating, hard nosed run stuffers on the defensive line would be nice as well as some more OLB pass rushers to take the pressure off Matthews and start to run an effective rotation.

    Sadly, i still feel the defenses biggest problem is that they are as soft as a warm camembert. Other than Clay, no one is really intimidating the other team. The culture on defense has to shift to become more hard hitting and risk taking. To quote Tony D’Amato (any given sunday) “if you make a mistake, make it big. I’m not gonna eat your lunch for that.”

    If we can play a hyper aggressive defensive style we can create more turn overs, more sacks etc. and get the ball back to Rodgers as quickly as possible. Play to outscore and force more turnovers other than the ‘bend don’t break’ style currently employed. All the current style does is give the opposing offense a lot of 3rd and short opportunities which extends drives and keep Rodgers on the sideline.

    Thank you so much for the podcast guys, i will give your next one a listen as i fly to Germany.

    Peace from Down under.