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It’s Not Even The Same Ball Park – One constant I’ve seen over the past couple days is people bashing on Scott Tolzien for his 3 INTS & hanging the loss to the Giants on him. Frankly that’s a little ridiculous as while true, Tolzien’s turnovers certainly didn’t help things, the Packers Defense didn’t either. In fact, the only way the Packers are winning the past two games is if Rodgers is playing because the defense has been playing so poorly. Comparing an NFL MVP’s caliber of play to a guy who is two weeks removed from the practice squad just doesn’t make any sense. I also firmly believe that had Matt Flynn played it wouldn’t have made any difference & he wouldn’t have fared any better than Tolzien had.  This is a tough stretch here for Packers fans, I get that & it’s easy to get on the case of the back-up playing the most visible position on the field. That back-up player though is still the best option the Packers have right now so the only thing to do is hope he learns quickly, hope Rodgers returns as soon as he can but perhaps more importantly hope the defense gets its act together quicker than all of them.

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