toetag No,this ain’t going to be pretty. My house, my rules. But let me make this perfectly clear, I love my Green Bay Packers. The fact I am not looking for hugs and puppies doesn’t make me less of a fan. Yes, we are a spoiled bunch. The last time we had a losing season was 2008. We will survive. We will endure. But dammit, I am mad as hell right now. I know there are up seasons and down seasons. This is not our year. I can’ deal with that. But I’m not going to settle for, “Oh, but the injuries…blah blah blah” excuse. This is a team that rolled over and played dead at the first time there was true adversity and has not been able to pull itself up since. And that makes me sad.

  • Yes, Tolzien had a couple, okay a bunch, of bonehead interceptions. Yes, one was for a pick-six. But Tolzien never gave up.  He kept trying until time ran out. That is admirable and had a lot of poise where actual starting QBs would’ve given up for the day.
  • Other players that did not give up: Jordy and Boykin. John Kuhn, Brad Jones and Eddie Lacy. But there are 53 players on a team, and all of them have to be in it to win it. Rodgers can’t win this ball game for them on the sidelines. They may have coasted in the past because he gave everyone a giant cushion. It’s gut check time. Because all of the warts are now exposed without Rodgers distracting the shortfalls.
  • Oh and Mason Crosby rocked. 57 yarder. Outside. In the fall. That wasn’t giving u
  • Meanwhile punting on 4th and 2 when you’re looking up out of a giant hole is totally giving up.
  • Marshall Newhouse is absolutely useless. Can we please end the Newhouse experiment? He is going to get a quarterback killed. And with Rodgers eyeing a return in a few weeks, it would be nice to know we won’t need a body bag to retrieve his corpse from the field.
  • Meanwhile the defense gave up for large chunks of the game. As in sat back and watched the game as spectators.
  • If BJ Raji wants to turn down $8Million in Green Bay and test out free agency, he did not do himself any favors today.
  • Meanwhile, I am absolutely sick of the Vote for Clay campaign for the Pro Bowl. He doesn’t deserve it. The campaign is starting to irritate me. He’s living off hype and hair at this point. He is undisciplined and the splint only makes his mistakes more noticeable. And what the bloody hell was he doing impersonating a cornerback? Yes, the Packers paid him a tanker truck of cash, but he still overshoots and creates giant gaps in his wake for the opposing offense to exploit. This far in his career, I expect more finesse and less of  wild bull in a china shop.
  • I know it is the expected irrational response is the expected “FIRE CAPERS OMG!!!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!” But they may be on to something there. Capers has become too rigid and predictable. Rush 4, exceptionally soft underbelly and a single high safety. It’s painfully predictable. And he simply does not adjust. Even after having his defense handed their butt on a platter.  This has been the same song and dance for two consistent seasons. If the scheme isn’t working, the staff needs to adjust, because complacency doesn’t win games. Something needs to adjust. Someone needs to gain control of the defense and instill a sense of urgency. It starts with Capers. And if Capers can’t do it, then someone else needs to take on that role.
  • Like that Masthay had a better week punting, but he needs to improve on his flopping skills. Dude, if they graze you, work the crowd and play dead better!
  • In happier news, Aaron Rodgers is now two weeks post-injury. I expect him to start trolling his coaches and medical staff to clear him to play this week. Sure, it’s a week too soon. But, hey, an A for effort. But I would not be surprised if he is ready to rumble for Turkey Day.
  • This may not be the Packers’ year. But I am not ready to give up on the Packers. I just hope the Packers are willing to reciprocate for me.

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