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OK, ‘Era’ Maybe Be Exaggerating – For better or worse Sunday is the beginning of Scott Tolzien’s watch as the Packers QB for at least the next two weeks. Perhaps it’s because of my Badgers fandom but I’m much more comfortable with Tolzien under Center than I was with Wallace. Like many I thought Tolzien held up well in his forced action last week & having a full week to prepare will only help him.  Can the Packers win with Tolzien on Sunday & the next against the Vikings?  My answer is the Packers should be able to win these games but it has nothing to do with Tolzien as much as it has to do the defense not crapping the bed again in the second half. Dom Capers rightfully so came under a lot of fire this past week & while I really didn’t think McCarthy would hand him a pink slip, should the defense once again crumble it could be a possibility. The defense simply needs to step up these upcoming games because if not any chances of making the postseason once Rodgers returns will be gone like the leaves on the trees here in Wisconsin.

Both the Badgers football & basketball teams are playing on Saturday along with Marquette & the Bucks.  Out of those 4 games three should be winnable, I’ll let you figure out the odd team out on that one. Enjoy the weekend & the games & we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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