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We All Know It’s Happening – The MLB Hot Stove league has its embers starting to get stoked up & the recurring question which comes up with the Brewers if will they or won’t they resign Corey Hart. For a little bit this week some of that talk was put aside as rumors of an Aoki for the Mets Ike Davis appeared but that seems to have quickly (and thankfully) dissipated. Hart really is the best option for the Brewers here as they try to fill the gigantic hole that was first base this past season. By all accounts it would appear Harts’ rehab is going well & he should be ready for the 2014 season. Hart has already said he wants to return to the Brewers & will do so at a discount. In my mind it’s not necessarily a question of if the Brewers will bring him back, but when they’ll finally just do it which I hope is soon so we can put that all to bed. Once that’s settled, we can then get back to speculating who the Brewers can get in exchange for Aoki either in prospects or to help out in the starting rotation.

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